One Year Out

24 Nov

I cannot believe that my journey in chasing my dream started a year ago… Time flies when you are having fun! There are so many things that I have learned over the past year: that a camera lens fogs when it is 20 degrees outside, that children just want to have fun, props add flavor, and that details are not only important to a bride–But a photographer too!
ImageMore importantly over this past year I have found a deeper love of love (cliche, I know.) All the people I have met over the past year have one thing in common, love and life-engagement, maternity, family, marriage, communions and graduation. I feel absolutely honored to be able to celebrate with all of these people during these memorable times and make friends who feel like family. Today, one year later–I love what I do so much. God, thank you for this gift you have given me!

PicMonkey Collage


Tim Was A Boy I Knew

1 Dec

After watching the Week 11 recording, my mind was a firestorm. I have come to find that it is easiest for me to understand things by association. While the presenter was presenting (lol) I was searching through my brain trying to put this with a plan I already have in action.

At my facility, we are constantly in search for ways to improve employee moral. Usually I am the cheerleader, so to say, on getting things motivated. Birthday parties, fundraisers, events… Well just about everything. I have a wonderful team who always assists me in my endeavors and more times than not, they are successful.

This year we are trying to unite everyone, especially through the holiday season. I have come up with a HUGE Potluck Party, which seems to have awesome feedback. Many people are signing up to bring their “signature” dishes and it is stimulating conversation, holiday joy, and unity throughout the staff. Another fun event I have set up is a cookie swap, which I think will also help with moral. People are thinking of what they are bringing… which would be the Heightening, we will have the event and hopefully people will share recipes and stories which will deepen the effects. When all is said and done, hopefully this will be successful and we will KEEP IT GOING!!!

Above is my diagram, or attempt of one, depicting this. Kinda. Sorta. Well I hope you know what I mean:)

Gobble Gobble

24 Nov

Okay here it goes:
I am thankful for God. He has blessed me with a beautiful son who brightens everyday for me.
I am thankful for a wonderful fiance who supports and loves me, even at the worst of times.
I am thankful for my sister for being her and loving me no matter what.
I am thankful for my inlaws because they are always there and always honest.
I am thankful for my true friends who are always there when I need them.
I am thankful for my health to enjoy all of the things life has to offer.
I am thankful for the ambition and opportunity to learn and grow.
I am thankful for my home, paid bills, and a job.
I am thankful that I can appreciate today and look forward to tomorrow.
I am thankful for having a good heart and a strong mind.
Mainly… I guess what I am getting at is I am thankful for my lifeā™„

Love and Life

21 Nov

So the holiday grind is on… In the past two weeks my son has been a ring bearer AND celebrated his 2nd birthday. Now on to Thanksgiving… Ahh. The days are filled with tasks and are just flying by.

Sometimes life goes by so quickly that I don’t take time to enjoy the small things. By small I mean that they may be overlooked by someone who isn’t attentive…Not that they aren’t important, because they are most important (at least to me.) My son learning new things every single day seems to bring a smile to my face no matter what my worries are. Now we are working on potty training, which well… isn’t so successful at the moment. I decided to check out my “momma” board on http://www.whattoexpect.com. I have followed this page pretty much since I found out that I was pregnant. It has lots of helpful articles, tips, and discussions for expecting mothers and mothers to children of all ages. They break discussions down to the month which you are expecting or the month your child was born. You can leave comments, blogs, or opinions on everything. Some of the posts aren’t even about motherhood, they are about inlaws, restaurants, feelings, fights, etc. This board was extremely helpful in the transition to motherhood… And even still is in situations like POTTY TRAINING.

So you are probably wondering where all this babbling is coming to. It occurred to me today that my “momma” board is much like this MOOC. There are many helpful articles, tips, and discussions to stimulate our minds and help consider different ideas, methods, or techniques in understanding technology and its advances. I am hopeful that this MOOC will be as helpful to me as my “momma” board:)

Spiritual Awakening

9 Nov

I think the thing I like the most about the CMC11 MOOC is that it constantly keeps me thinking and reflecting. Mainly about myself. I initially signed up for this course under the advice of my mentor, Carol. Now that I am 9 weeks in, I really don’t care much about the credits… Although they are what stimulated me into participating in this but now I am so thrilled about learning about what this holds, I hope it never ends.

Every week I read the coursework and watch the recordings and reflect. Reflect about what is presented, what I’ve absorbed, and how it applies to me or my life. If anything, it helps me touch base with myself. Sometimes my life is so hectic that I don’t take time to think about the person I am, the things I like, or the things I don’t. Even if I don’t express it online it is constantly streaming through my mind. It’s quite invigorating because thinking like this is something I have not done in years.


This is one of the articles provided in week 9 coursework. Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening. I think that everyone should read this. It still has my brain churning.

I would say 95% of these signs are something I have experienced through my lifetime. The impression I received though was that a spiritual awakening happens over a short period of time. For me however, I feel that my entire life will be a spiritual awakening. Each part of my life, good or bad, will be the brickwork for the next portion and when it is my time to leave this earth, I will be complete. Life is a masterpiece and each brushstroke is important.

Week Eight

7 Nov

I have to say that I can’t believe we are heading into week 9! My goodness time is just flying by.

After watching this week’s presentation twice, I have to say that I am not to keen on avatars. Although this may be an alternative or new wave to learning, it kind of freaks me out a little bit… I guess its not that serious to some, I just don’t see this as something that I am interested in. I think that my reservations made it quite complicated to absorb the information given in the lecture.

Games… OH I LOVE GAMES:) I play just about all of them, except World of Warcraft, probably because of my fear of addiction. My friend kind of disappeared for 6 months because he got wrapped up in it! That’s insane. Virtual worlds freak me out somewhat, only because its a world… But its not real, or is it? The uncertainty, may be a thrill to some but for me it is a turn off. Some may consider our learning enviornment or this MOOC a virtual community but I guess somewhere in my mind, I don’t consider it a virtual world… We are all real people, with very interesting ideas and outlooks on things. Maybe I need to change my mindframe, in order to promote my own creativity.

I do however feel that digital graphics can be used as a tool in online communication and education. Many people are visual learners, and the use of these graphics can aide them in a better understanding of the mood or information presented. I dunno. Maybe I’m just afraid of mixing reality and fantasy. If there is learned this week for me is a lot of self realization. I need to be less afraid and more opened to other “worlds” so to say. How that will come about, I don’t really know.

Risk or Treat

31 Oct

An eventful weekend to say the least. After a tree fell on my house, in my yard, and on my deck… Power out for the entire weekend… I strapped on my Halloween costume and showed Mother Nature that you can’t keep a good mom down!

Exhausted, but at least I have internet and heat:) Life is good.

Risks. What do I consider a risk. Something that could potentially be really great or potentially be really bad. What is the main reason I think that I would deter from taking a risk? Failure. A failure would result in a waste or time, money, or energy.(Not to mention being the laughing stock of people’s conversations… Depending on how big the risk is.)

Lets face it time is money and money is sparce. Well at least for me. Right now I am safe, my bills are paid and I have food in my belly. Taking a risk, I may lose all of that. With a son who depends on me… Risk taking has become more of a planned out thing. A small commodity if you will…

To pick up where I left off last night. My computer has a virus.EGHHHHH!

For big companies to take risks, they have their reputation and regular consumers approval on the line. Although it is necessary to appeal to a new bigger market, but when taking a risk their losses are apparent.

For me, if something means a lot to me I will overcome any obstacle that comes in my way to achieve the goals I desire. If things do not initially work out as anticipated, I will come up with alternatives and different routes to acquire some sort of positive results.